While searching journal for publication or published and peer-reviewed articles, checking the following website is always helpful to find if the journal is genuine or predatory. There are so many scam or predatory journals which publish articles for monetary motives without maintaining quality. The authentic Open Access Journals should be registered or listed in the Directory of following websites:
  1. The Open Access Scholarly Publisher Association (OASPA) (
  2. The Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) (
  3. Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) (
  4. Beall’s List of Predatory Journals and Publishers (

More information about predatory journals can be found at:

  1. Jocalyn Clark: How to avoid predatory journals-a five-point plan: (Comment and opinion from The BMJ’s international community of readers, authors, and editors) (
  2. Predatory open access publishing: (
  3. How to target a journal that’s right for your research: (
  4. Resource for publishing: Predatory Publishing: ( 

(Note: look for the title if the link in this blog does not work. The link may be broken depending on the age and placement of the article on the website.

Some journals, magazines and article publishers are listed hereunder (need to update the list. (Note: Some are irrelevant and outdated):

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