Semi-Mechanized Agriculture

Cultivation of Rice in Mangalpur VDC, Chitwan

Photo by Bijesh Mishra


           This picture is representative of farming system of Nepal mainly in Terai. People use tractors, Power Tillers to operate ploughing, disking, harrowing, tillage and also to puddle the field. In this picture, women is carrying seedling of rice (Left side of picture) to transplant it into the puddled field. In background women and men are transplanting rice in already puddled field by tractor. Farmers integrate fruits (Banana in picture) in their farm for home consumption, Mainly varieties used are locals but now-a-days hybrid and improved varieties are also being common. Not only this but livestocks in small scale are also part of our agricultural system.

       This picture clearly show that we are still in the developmental phase of mechanized agriculture. Field preparation is done using machinery tools whereas transplanting is still done manually. So I like to say that we are still adopting semi-mechanized system of agricultural farming (This is just a representative picture).

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