Common Fodder and Forage Crops of Nepal

Common Fodder Trees of Nepal

Scientific Name Family English Name Nepali Name
Brassiopsis hainla Araliaceae Chuletro Chuletro
Alnus nepalensis Betulaceae Alder Uttis
Garuga pinnata Bursaraceae Garuga Dabdabe
Crateva unilocularis Capparaceae Crateva Siplikan/Sipligan
Terminalia bellirica Combretaceae Barro Barro
Terminalia chebula Combretaceae Harro Harro
Albizia lebbek Fabaceae Black Siris Kalo Siris
Bauhinia longifolia Fabaceae Camel’s Foot Tree Rato Tanki
Bauhinia variegata Fabaceae Camel’s Foot Tree Koiralo
Erythrina strica/varigata Fabaceae Coral Tree Faledo
Leucaena leucocephala Fabaceae Leucaena/ Ipil-Ipil Ipil-Ipil
Tamarindus indica Fabaceae Tamarind Imali
Celtis autralis Fagaceae European Nettle Wood Khauri
Quercus semecarpifolia Fagaceae Khasru Khasru
Litsea polyantha Lauraceae Litsea Kutmero/Kutmiro
Melia azedarach Meliaceae Persian Lilae Sano Bakaino
Melia composite Meliaceae China Berry Thuli Bakaina
Artocarpus interga/heterophyllus Moraceae Jack Fruit Rukh Katahar (Jack Fruit)
Artocarpus lakoocha Moraceae Monkey’s Jackfruit Badahar
Ficus Bengalensis Moraceae Banaya Tree Bar
Ficus Benjamina Moraceae Sami Peepal Sami Pipal
 Ficus cunia Moraceae Khanayo Khanayo
Ficus glaberrima Moraceae Pakhauri Pakhauri
Ficus hispida Moraceae Khasreto/Gedilo Khasreto/Gelido
Ficus infectoria/lacor Moraceae Kavro Kavro
Ficus nemoralis Moraceae Dudhilo Dudhilo
Ficus nerifolia Moraceae Dudhilo Dudhilo
Ficus racemosa Moraceae Dumri Dumri
Ficus religiosa Moraceae Peepal Tree Pipal
Ficus rosenbergii Moraceae Nevaro Nevaro/Nimaro
Morus alba Moraceae White Mulberry Seto Kimbu
Morus indica Moraceae Mulberry Kimbu
Salix babylonica/tetraspermum Salicaceae Drooping Willow Banis
Aesandra butyraceae Sapotaceae Nepalese Butter Fruit Chuiri
Sauraria nepalensis Saurariceae Gogan Gogan
Grewia optiva Tiliaceae Biul Shyal Phusro
Premna bengalensis Verbenaceae Black Premna Kalo Ginderi
Premna integrifolia Verbenaceae Premna Ginderi

Ground Legumes

Scientific Name Family English Name Nepali Name Remark Aeschynomene americana/falcata     Joint Vetch Vetch   Arachis glabrata   Forage Peanut Badame Ghash   Centrosema pubescens   Centro Centro Benth. Chamaecrista rotundifolia   Wynn Cassia   Cv. Wynn Clitoria ternatea   Butterfly Pea     Cyamopsis tetragonaloba L.   Guar/Cluster Bean     Lablab purpureus   Lablab Bean     Macroptilium atropurpurum   Aztec Atro/Siratro   (DC) Urb. Cv. Aztee Medicago sativa   Lucern     Neonotonia wihhtii   Glycine   Cv. Tinaroo Pueraria thumbergiana/phaseoloides   Kudzu   Puero (Roxb.) Beneath Stylosanthese guianensis   Common Stylo Stylo (Abul.) Sw. Stylosanthese guinanensis Var. intermediate   Fine Stem Stylo Stylo   Stylosanthese humilis   Towns Ville Stylo Stylo H.B.K. Stylosanthese scabra Vog.   Shurbby Stylo Stylo Cv. Siran Stylosanthese seabrana   Caatinga Stylo Stylo   Trifolium alexandrium   Berseem Berseem   Trifolium pretense   Red Clover     Trifolium repens   White Clover     Vigna anguiculata L.           (V. sinensis L.)   Cowpea Bodi  


Shurb Legumes

Scientific Name Family English Name Nepali Name Remark
Desmodium introtum   Green leaf Desmodium   (Mill) Fawc. & Rendle
Desmodium ovalifolium   Common Desmodium    
Desmodium uncinatum   Silver Leaf Desmodium   (Jacq.) DC
Flemingia macrophylla   Flemingia    
Tephrosia candida   Mendola Mendola  


Common Fodder and Forage Crops

Scientific Name Family English Name Nepali Name Remark
Avena sativa L.   Fodder Oat    
Euchlaena mexicana Schrad   Teosente Makai Chari  
Pennisatum americanum L.   Fodder Bajra   Leeke
Pennisatum typhoides (Burmf)   Fodder Bajra   Stapf &Hubb.
Sorghum bicolor L.   Fodder Sorghum Sargam Moench
Sorghum vulgare Pres.   Fodder Sorghum Sargham  
Zea maysL.bicolor L.   Fodder Maize Makai  
Zea mexicana (Schrad) Kuntze   Teosinte Makai Chari  


Cultivated Grasses

Scientific Name Family English Name Nepali Name Remark
    Perennial Grass Mulato Brachiaria brizantha X B. ruziziensis
Brachiaria “Mulato”       Hybrid for Upland
Brachiaria decumbens Stapf.        
Brachiaria multica (Forsk) Stapf   Para Grass Buffalo/ Water Grass  
Cenchrus ciliaris L.   Buffel Grass    
Chloris gayana Kunth.   Rhodes Grass    
Cynodon dactylon L. pres.   Bermuda Dubo  
Dactylis glomerata   Cocksfoot    
Desmostychia bipinnata     Kush  
Imperata cylindrica     Siru  
Melinis minutifolia Beauv.   Monkey Puzzle Bandhar Dhapaune Ghash  
Panicum maximum jacq.   Guinea Grass    
Pannicum antidotale Retz   Blue Panic    
Paspalum atratum   Palpasum    
Pennisatum sp.   Naiper Naiper  
Pennisetum  pedicellatum     Dina Ghash Trin.
Pennisetum clandestinum Hochst. Ex. Chiov   Kikuyu Grass    
Saccharum spontaneum   Kans Kans  
Seatria sphacelata       Sch. &Hubb.
Setaria anceps Stapf        
Thysanolaena maxima   Broom Grass Amrisho  


17 thoughts on “Common Fodder and Forage Crops of Nepal

  1. Hello, thanks for this great post. I am Volunteering right now on a farm in Nepal and want to produce more fodder for the cows. Where can I buy those seeds in Nepal? And can you recommend what kind of gras is good for the cows and grows well? the place is close to Besisahar on 800 m
    thanks cheers


    1. Thank you for the compliment and queries. There is an agriculture college in Sudar Bazzar near Besisahar. You can also contact there for more information or Pasture and Fodder Research Division of Nepal Agriculture Research Council (NARC) can provide you some information regarding the fodder production. Some varieties of grasses and fodder suitable for low and mid hills has been released by NARC. Also, there are some commercial farmers around within 30 KM Dumre, Tanahun. You can find them as well. Hope the information will be helpful to you. Cheers!!!!!


  2. hello everyone, does anyone know the scientific name of amphi seed (amfi daana) or the tree. i have to research on this particular tree/ seed for my project so it would be very helpful if someone can help.


    1. hi there, do you have any alternative name of tree or any local names? It could be helpful to recognize the plant more easier. till now I don’t have any such plant with that name in my mind.
      I recommend you to visit these links as well. They might be helpful to you.


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