GIS, RS & Spatial Analysis

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Esri Udemy Online Course:
If someone is working on or interested in Global Information System and Remote Sensing, ESRI website, tutorials, online library and many other resource will definately makes learning easier. Also, Hexagon Spatial [] is another wonderful site to learn about remote sensing and GIS. This link,, will also be useful to learn about Remote Sensing and Image Processing.

Geotech Centre:

Joshep Kherski (Geographer Specialist):

Kentucky Geographic Alliance:


Online Sources to Download Landsat Database:

USGS Glovis: (USGS Glovis is online database to download different images and other data related with remote sensing and GIS as well as related field.

University of Maryland Archive:
Landsat Look:
Earth Explorer:

These links provides quick guide and information about landsat project, Remote Sensing GIS and related issues: link provide quick guide how to download the landsat image data from landsatlook.
Landsat Science:

Path Row Finder

Digital Globe for high resolution Images:

Nepal Land Cover 1990-2010, ICIMOD