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Understanding USA and Kentucky!

Kentucky Department of Agriculture
Kentucky Department of Agriculture (KDA) is an organization that keeps records about all agricultural activities throughout Kentucky as well as runs various programs related with agriculture.

Kentucky Quick Facts: I believe everyone likes to learn quickly; me too!!!


Rural Assistant Centre, USA:  (Understand rural USA)

US Department of Agriculture, USA: (Website of department of agriculture under US government. It provides some grants to land grant model universities in USA.)

Southern Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education(SSARE):  (Provides grants and fund for full time graduate and undergraduate students studying in accredited universities of southern region of USA.)

Needs Scholarship in after enrolled as Graduate or Undergraduate Student in universities of USA? Check this link:

Explore Ky History: Learn about Kentucky History.

SSARE Proposal Database: database of proposals:

Draw Graph and Charts:

Some other research funding organizations are:
US NSF Funding:
USDA Funding:
University of Central Florids, Graduate funding:
Kentucky Academy of Science:
Texas A & M Job Postings:
Sustainable Agriculture Organization:

Science Starter:

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