Approach Professor for Assistantships

Guys, I am receiving message and email how to approach professor for graduate research/teaching assistantships for MS and PhD in universities of USA. I am putting a piece of suggestion in this blog post just to make my tips public and make it more accessible to all candidates. It is not a perfect suggestion but something, indeed good information, if you don’t have an idea about how to start writing an approaching email. Just check this piece of information. Hope, it would be helpful to you all.

Dr. (Last Name)


(Introduce who you are with your name, your degree [Eg: B. Sc. (Agriculture) from Tribhuvan University, Nepal] with your academic achievement, GRE  and TOEFL score and your working experience if any, in 4-5 lines/sentences and close first paragraph. Make it more formal and systematic. Give impression like you are professional and you are ready to take the opportunity. Don’t make email looks like you were just throwing an email just to check professors, which is not good.)

In second paragraph, mention that you have interest in their research and tell why. Better to mention in which research you are interested in, the professor you are approaching in 5-6 sentences/lines. Mention about your research/publications, if any, if that matches with his research area.

In third paragraph, mention you want to discuss more about it if they are interested in your achievement and interest and tell him you are willing to share unofficial documents and CV if he is interested to see your documents. And finally, thank professor for his time and effort and for responding your email. And, don’t forget to mention that “I am looking forward to hear from you” or any line that says you are waiting their email notification (whether yes or no).

[You can combine second and third paragraph to shorten your email. Always, be creative to reduce length of email with more or at least, same amount of information. Sometime you have to cull out information to make email short and sweet. So, cull out if you think some information are less important.] Decrease “Ink to Information” ratio (by increasing information and reducing words), which is really helpful tips.

End with:


(Your Full Name


Don’t make your email longer than 10-15 lines/sentences. Make it short, everyone like to save their time. You all must be aware that time is a valuable asset, which you cannot get back. Professors are really concerned about saving times and don’t entertain long emails, specially, if it is from unknown source.

Never forget: don’t show-up your words and vocabulary and don’t make sentences complex. That might be good for academic writing  but not for an email or daily interactions. No one entertain that and they might neglect your email. No one want to check meaning of the word while reading a piece of email and they don’t have time to do so. So, their best choice, they might ignore your whole email.

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