Mapping Geo-spatial Impacts of Recent Earthquake in Nepal

Mapping of Recent Earthquake in Nepal and Its Geo-spatial Impacts.
Bijesh Mishra, Buddhi Raj Gyawali, Kentucky State Univeristy


Nepal is located in tectonically active zone in-between three main fault lines: The Main Central Thrust, The Main Boundary Fault and The Siwaliks and The Himalayan Frontal Fault running parallel through the country resulting Indian Plate under Eurasian Plate. This country is hit by major earthquakes in every 80 to 100 years resulting into heavy losses of lives, properties and historical and world heritage sites. The story maps developed using ArcGIS online demonstrate the recent 7.6 MW Richter scale earthquake devastated locations and its major destruction in infrastructure, human lives, landscape , and impacts on human settlement and out-migration.

This paper was presented in 2015 Kentucky  GIS Conference organized by Kentucky Association of Mapping Professionals in October 12 to 14, 2015 in Owensboro, Kentucky. The presentation briefly discuss history of earthquakes in Nepal focusing on recent earthquake of April and May 2015 which take life of more than 8500 peoples.

Please see presentation for detail information. Agenda of Conference can be found in this link:

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