Tobacco Buyout Program in Farm Retention and Diversification in Kentucky.

CaptureKentucky was dependent upon tobacco production before the tobacco buyout program since second word war, as it was the most productive crop as well as most profitable business in southern states. The program’s goal was to end tobacco allotment and transiting to free and competitive market. This pushed farmers to alternative business, retire from agriculture, or diversify their farm with varieties of crops and livestock. About 64% of farmers and their land are considered as having limited resources in Kentucky. Using Econometric, which integrate geographical variations and other land variables, addresses similar issues in other parts of nation with similar socio-economic and geographical distribution. I am exploring productivity, efficiency, diversification and sustainability of small farms in Kentucky. A survey regarding farm, crops, income level, education status, types of farm ownerships, diversification issues etc. will be conducted in all counties of Kentucky. The result will be used to plan materials for future research and the information to be delivered among farmers. The survey will help us understand now decreased productivity on the farm reduces farm income and how to help farmers reduce losses due to under-productivity and inefficient management of farmlands.

(P.S.:This article is published in “Cultivating Change: The Small and Socially Disadvantaged Producers Project Newsletter published by Kentucky State University.)

Link  to Newsletter: Cultivating Change: The Small and Socially Disadvantaged Producers Project Newsletter. Issue I. Summer 2015.

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