Story Map Tutorials.

Tutorial: Developing a Story Map Showing Destruction by earthquake in Kathmandu Valley.


This tutorial will guide you how to learn story map and how to create simple story map using Map Journal Builder.


  • A web browser
  • An ArcGIS Online account
  • Online photos, videos that are publicly accessible and can be used in story map. Videos from youtube and Vimeo are recommended.


Open ArcGIS online account: You may put your personal information in the website to get access into it. Then you will receive confirmation mail with the link n your email inbox. That creates your ESRI online account. Now, you can use Arc GIS online for free. this link will take you to Arc GIs online. (I simply google it typing “Arc GIS Online”.


Create your account.

Screen Shot 1

You will get access to story map after you verify your online Arc GIS account. (You may need to Log In again using ID and password just you created). You can use this link to get access to story map: or simply type “Story map” in google.

Click “Apps” and you will find various templates for story maps. You can choose one of them based on what you are going to do. I choose “Map Journal” as it gives more options to use Photos, texts, videos and links. You will see screen as below. Use one of the panel to start. I am using floating panel.Screen Shot 3

Your first screen will be as below afte you choose layout: Put Name of your story map and move ahead. If you want to take a tour, it will help you to understand about story map. Tour will guide you what can you do in story map. But here, I am following this guideline. If you want to create your own story map you can play with it. Setting in the screenshot below gives option to adjust various settings.Screen Shot 5

After adding and clicking enter, it will automatically take you to new home section “Main Stage content”. This is like cover page of your book. It is the cover page of your story map. You can pull online map, images, video or web page to use in story map. In this tutorial, we are using online map, video from youtube and some photos from internet.Screen Shot 6

Select appropriate map. This will take you to next step. In next step you can change details in map using “custom configuration”. When you click “custom configuration” in location, this will take you to map where we can set up our area of interest and click “Save Map Location” to save it. Click next, you will go to step 2. In step one, we set up our location and in step two we set up what we want to display at the side of map. But, you are free to choose what you want to display in step one and step two according to your interest.
Screen Shot 7

In step two you can add media and maps like in step one using “Insert image, video and webpage option” which is in upper row 4th position next to “Text Color”. Note: In step two, you cannot add map in story map.

After adding media and saving it, your first section is ready to display. Don’t forget to save whole map after you finish each section. This is the best way to save your work. You can add sections in it using add section and repeat same procedures to create other sections. Follow the steps and play with the map to know more and prepare better story map.

Here under I have included links to photos and videos for the demonstration project. This is related with the recent “Earthquake in Nepal”.

Introducing Paragraph for Home Page: According to update in official Facebook page of Nepal Police, about 8709 casualties and 22,493 injuries had been reported until 17:00 4th June, 2015 by the terrific earthquake of 7.9 Richter scale magnitude in 25th of April and 12th of May, 2015. Besides, it destroyed many cultural heritages in Nepal. This story map presents the destruction of major national cultural heritage in Kathmandu valley.

Some Youtube videos and photos for the Story Map:

You can access your story map under heading “my content” in ArcGIS online. You will find it when you login into your account. 9 ) Online ArcGIS is always free to use. You can find one I prepared using this link: and Earthquake 2015 Story Map Nepal tutorial. Good Luck for further learning in ArgGIS Online.

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