Crystals grown at the CLS’s Canadian Macromolecular Crystallography Facility. (Photo: Canadian Light Source)

The Images of Research photography and imaging competition is a new avenue for U of S students, staff, faculty and alumni to showcase their research, scholarly and artistic work. The competition seeks to reward those who submit the most visually-impressive and clearly described images of U of S research.

To enter:

Online Submission Form

Using the submission form link above, entrants may submit up to one image in each of the competition’s four categories:

  • From the field: Photos which demonstrate the researcher’s experience doing field work anywhere in the world
  • More than meets the eye: Images which reveal the subject in greater detail than is possible with the human eye (eg. x-rays, creative expression, microscopic images, computer models, etc.)
  • Community and Impact: Images which represent the impact the researcher’s work has had or could have on people, the environment, health, the economy, etc.
  • Research in action: Images which demonstrate what your work is all about.

Viewer’s Choice: Following the competition, all submitted images and their accompanying descriptions will be displayed online for a public vote. The images which receive the two highest vote counts will be awarded the viewer’s choice awards following the category prize values.

Submissions will be accepted from February 2nd to March 8th with winners selected by a multi-disciplinary jury afterwards (excluding Viewer’s Choice category). All winning photos will be displayed both on campus and online.

  • Grand Prize: $500
  • Category Winner: $300
  • Category Runner-up: $200

If you have any questions about the competition, please contact


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