Breeding Plants to Cope with Future Climate Change

The conference ‘Breeding Plants to Cope with Future Climate Change’ is held 16-18 June at the University of Leeds, UK.

Deadline: 16 June 2014: This International Conference is being organised by Africa College  (University of Leeds) in collaboration with the Association of Applied Biologists (UK). Interested attendees are invited to register and/or present a posters. Registrations and posters are accepted right up until the day of the meeting.

Researchers from CCAFS Theme 1 on Long-Term Adaptation will present at the conference that will cover the following topics:

  • To discuss the contribution of plant science and breeding to maintaining food security in the face of increasing demand and the challenges presented by climate change
  • To examine the role that basic plant science and modelling can play in supporting plant breeding to achieve yield gains and the goal of sustainable agricultural production
  • To bring together world leading plant scientists, plant breeders, crop modellers and climate modellers to discuss the plasticity of the plant genome and its regulation in relation to climate change
  • To consider how to balance the requirements of intensive agricultural production with the dependence of rural welfare on agricultural productivity, particularly in Africa

The organizers are seeking offers of papers within these areas. Accepted papers from the conference will be published in the Aspects of Applied Biology series which will be available to delegates at the conference. ​Instructions for submissions are 2–6 pages for poster presentations

Read more and register for the conference

Submit your poster here


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