Youth Climate Report:The Youth Express

Climate is changing and we are facing its impacts. There is both positive and negative impact of climate changes but we need to focus on negative impacts of it because they are vulnerable to us. In mountainous countries like Nepal, Climate changes leads to continuous melting of snows, glacier lakes etc. People living just below snowy mountains or glacier lakes are in heavy risk and people living in hilly as well as terai regions are also facing bad impacts of climate change such as rise in temperature, fluctuation in rainfall pattern, uneven rise in water level etc.

Youth, as mediator, can raise awareness and advocate about the climate change. Raising awareness through different activities such as planting trees, participating in rallies, conferences and seminars, debates and discussions, building network among youths etc. help to change the perception of people about climate change. Sharing such information with local people in their native language helps to disseminate information more easily. Youths can create pressure to the policy makers.

To make campaign against climate change effective policy makers should focus on addressing issues in ground level rather than designing programs inside the room. Policies should be formulated forming multidisciplinary team. Formulated policies should meet long and short run need of people. Policies formulated should be real and practical.

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