Role of Social Media to Build Youth Capacity

Internet was new for me about six years ago. When I was about to finish my higher secondary school one of my friends asked me If I had Facebook account. At that time I was unknown about that networking site. So I exchanged my Hotmail ID with that friend to be in touch. During those days I often used MSN Messenger to interact with my friends. While interacting with my friends, many friends suggested me to create account on Facebook. After I created account on Facebook, interacting with friends and see what they are doing became easy to me. I didn’t need MSN messenger anymore to interact with friends. Also news shared in Facebook made me familiar with daily happenings and recent updates about world. As the time passed I keep on using internet to search news, happenings, articles for my assignments etc. Surfing internet daily made me familiar with how to search internet effectively and efficiently. Later on I decided to use Facebook in different way while I was busy with updating what I did or where I went today and these kinds of stuffs. I started to like pages of many organizations such as FAO, UNEP, UNESCO, LIBIRD, ICIMOD etc. This helped me to organize news and information from various source in single timeline and single tab of Google Chrome.

Later on I started blogging. At the very beginning of my blogging I took ideas from few other blogs and started posting blog posts about different opportunities that available online. Along with blogging I started visiting websites of different organizations and subscribe their posts in my mail. Receiving mails in inbox became quite easier rather than visiting websites day by day. Also my blog helped many online media users. For example, one user of my blog user named “Mary Lee” asked me a question about flowering problem in Bottle Gourd in her field.

Bijesh-My Blog III use my blogs to take part in different blogging competitions. Recently I am participating in blogging competition which is part of social media training to bridge the gap between rural and urban youth. The program is supported by Youth Action Fund, Nepal.  Besides, many friends of mine started blogging after seeing my blog. They are getting exposure day by day to external world and are improving their skills, knowledge and confidence in their field of interest.

 Now I am using different social media such as Twitter, Facebook, linkedIn, Google+ Academia, Hootsuite etc. I have linked my blog with these social media so that when I post blog post in my blog they automatically appear in my timeline, pages and groups. Also, I have attended many webinars, online discussions and debate in different topics using these social media.

I use twitter to attend different online discussion in current issues. Using #Ict4ag4, #AG, #SocialMedia, #ThinkGlobally #EatThinkSave etc in twitter, it helped me to increase my knowledge. Views shared by different peoples in common topics such as above help to increase knowledge along with logical power. Besides, tweeting tweets along with such tags also gives you exposure in large online community. #TweetKavita is famous in twitter which gives exposure to those who write poems but are not getting exposure and audience due to different obstacles. There are many things that we can do with social media.

Reading above story I am trying to say one thing. If you guys notice it, I am saying that once you get exposed in social media you will lost inside it. You start to improve your skills, knowledge level and confidence using them. More you use it more you get exposure and more you build up your capacity. Let’s review my experience. First I started using simple messenger to chat, social networking site like Facebook, start collecting information required for me in my area of interests; attend webinars, discussions and debates in different topics using social media. This is how social media helps to improve your skills. You will get exposure into large community and help to build up your personality.

Some other social media that I use and my account in those social media are are as follows:




Facebook Page:



Read My blogging Experience:

(PS: I will post how I use different social media in creative method later)

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