Youth Employment: Descent Work for All Young People, Everywhere

I can't find jobWhile reading mail about the topic provided for this week for blogging competition, It reminded me that I am going to be an educated unemployed after few months since I am about to graduate. After graduation looking for jobs in magazines, roaming here and there in search of job and submitting application along with documents and resume would become my daily routine. Despite good recommendations and score in transcript I might not get job due to nepotism, lack of experience etc. Then there would be no option of preparing for Graduate Record Examinations and go abroad in search of better opportunities. Also uneducated youth are also migrating to different countries in search of better employment opportunities and bright future. It has created problem of brain drain and crisis of youth manpower which has further created huge crisis in the economy of country. Due to immigration of youth to foreign country development is being stagnant.

               Decent job should focus on utilization of youth skilled and unskilled manpower in our own country. It should stop brain drain and manpower supply to foreign country keeping development of country stagnant. A work to be descent it should focus fulfilling the demands and needs of youth providing ample opportunities to utilize their talent and capacities. It should help in personality development by providing decision power to youth. For me a decent job should focus on following aspects.

1.  Enough Income to Fulfill Dreams of Youths:

            No doubt to be a work descent, it must fetch good money that can fulfill the needs and dream of youths. With the income that youth make it should support family expenses, provide insurance, fulfill the luxurious demands etc. If a job can’t fetch good money then s/he starts to search better opportunities that are available for him/her anywhere in the world. This is the major cause of youth immigration to foreign country. Unless ample opportunities will be available in home country, immigration to foreign countries would never stop.

 2. Technical Education Useful in Daily Life:

       Educational system that supports producing educated youths without any skills in hand is also one of the major factors to increase unemployment problem in Nepal. Educational system should focus youths to provide technical education that help youth to become self-employed and help them to earn money using own skill. Education workers and policy makers should focus on exploring capacities of youths that are hidden within and prepare youth who can use those hidden talents to sustain their life, personality development, improve social status and live happy and prestigious life.

3. Sustainability Issues and Environment Conservation

           Development and progress never can last long until it will address the sustainability issues of development. Every work should focus on the wise and optimum use of resources available conserving the nature. Environment conservation should be the part of planning. Opportunities created without environmental impact assessment can never become descent job. Current problem of climate change, environment degradation, biodiversity loss, global warming etc. are the main consequences of past activities without considering sustainable issues. If this trend continues the problem will become more severe. So, descent job should focus on use of resource in such a way that it can fulfill the demand and current and future generation.

4. Avoid Use of Child Labor

             Children are future youths. Children have responsibilities in future to guide the country. If child are used as labor they don’t get opportunities to go to school, better health etc. Working whole day as labor also hinders mental and physical development of child. This will finally blacken the future of country. So descent job should focus on the use of capable and skillful workers rather than children as labor force.

 5. Equal Access to Opportunities

             A job to be decent, it should not discriminate people according to caste, gender, social status, race, ethnicity etc. Everyone should get opportunities if s/he is eligible and bear capacity to grab the position. Already discriminated people should be uplifted by providing some quotas until they become able to compete with average candidate. Then they should be laid free to compete with others. Everyone should get equal opportunities for their personality development. Descent job should focus on capacity and ability rather than nepotism.

6. Decision Power to Youth.

               Talent is not subject to measure by the degree expressed only in transcript. Everyone has got talent but it need to identify and explore. Descent job should not kill the talent but should provide opportunities to explore it and use it in creative way. It should respect the right freedom of expression and should help in skill development of youth using talent that s/he has which is possible only when youths are provided with deciding power. Youth should get opportunities to shape their future themselves rather than decided by someone else and imposed to him/her forcefully.

               Neither government nor private sector alone can bring these issues under action since public and private sectors both play important role in creating jobs for youths. So they should work together following the policy of public private partnership. Government should focus on development of polices as well as develop basic infrastructure. It should create ample space for private sector to investment for creating descent jobs. Private sectors should follow the policies of government and invest to bring the plan and policies in action. Private sectors should suggest, support and guide government to create descent job and increase consumption of youth manpower in country. Investment of private sector to create descent job should be monitored by governmental bodies to make it effective and to achieve the objective of policies formulated. Private and public partnership can solve the problem of youth unemployment creating descent work in future for all and everywhere.

(PS:Images used are searched from internet using Google search engine)

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