Role of Youth For A Cleaner and Greener Environment

It is said that youths are the pillar, future and good resource of the country since they have potentialities to bring the change. In my view, it is incomplete to explain youth as only the pillar and resource of country. They are parent of up-coming generation as well as bridging link between two generations lying in extreme poles. There is another generation which likes to follow youths and is following them adopting their behavior. Following generation prefer youths to the old because thoughts, norms, values, attitudes, behavior etc. differs between these two generations. Each activity that youths perform has direct impact on following generation. So youths have opportunities to shape the behavior and attitudes of this generation. Also, youths can adopt norms, values, attitudes, behavior of older generation since youths are immediate generation after the old. Youth can bridge the gap between these two generations by passing what they receive from older generation to younger generation.

Globally, world is facing climate change, global warming, greenhouse effect etc. and Locally, pollution is increasing day by day reducing the beauty of surroundings and damaging ancient monuments. They are further creating health problems, environmental problems, disease outbreaks etc.

Being in the middle of all, youths can play vital role to create greener and cleaner environment. Youth have to “Think Globally and Act Locally”. Doing small things continuously and efficiently makes huge difference rather than remaining calm after organizing big campaign. Youth should focus on sustainability of Single effort made by youth to care environment could become inspiration to large community following him/her. Some activities youth can do to create greener and cleaner environment are:

Photo: Movement Against Fossil Fuel Consumption in IAAS, Rampur entitled "A DAY TO MOVE BEYOND FOSSIL FUEL."
Photo: Movement Against Fossil Fuel Consumption in IAAS, Rampur entitled “A DAY TO MOVE BEYOND FOSSIL FUELS.”

First, start from you changing your own behavior and attitude. Develop and help to develop habit of caring and respecting environment. Change the behavior of dumping garbage such as bottles, tissue papers, food cans, plastics of noodles etc. improperly. Dump it in appropriate places such as dustbins, dumping sites etc. We have knowledge that dumping wastage around is not part of our civilization. But, the problem is we don’t want change ourselves and we don’t want to care of it though we know it is not good for us and people around us. So, Change your behavior of neglecting something. Aware yourself; then you can make other aware about the issue.

Due to busy life we like to purchase lot of food which will be sufficient for us for whole week or even for a month. But before consuming it, it decays. Then we throw it in the road or in a corner of house. This creates environment pollution and also makes our surrounding looks ugly and dirty. So, before purchasing, make correct estimate and purchase in amount in which it is needed. Reduce and finally stop food wastage; don’t spent parts of your income to increase pollution and make your surrounding look ugly and dirty.

Photo: Display Lantern made up of water bottles.
Photo: Display Lantern made up of water bottles.

Everyday our kitchen generates lots of wastage to dump. It includes peels of vegetables and fruits, plastic bags, water jars, gunny and plastic bags etc. Not only in kitchen but while walking on the road, we purchase water in bottles, cold drinks in plastic bottles, snacks etc. There are many such things in our day today life that get wasted and we have to dump it. It is not possible to keep them all within us. But we can use it for different purposes rather than dumping it around. For examples use water jars as flower pots, use cold drink bottles to keep drinking water, use cans and bottles for aesthetic purposes etc. They give additional beauty to surrounding too. Collect bottles, cans etc. and sell it; you can earn from wastage. Vegetable and fruit peels can be used to prepare home-made cosmetics. So think about creative use of garbage before dumping. Refuse wastage first; then reduce it; again reduce it; if not recycle.

Use of fancy motor bikes and private car is becoming fashion and matter of prestige in youths. But they are contributing in environmental pollution and increasing toxic gases such as CFCs, CO, Methane, Ammonia Compounds etc. Besides, it also increases use of fossil fuel which is creating detrimental effects in environment. Use of public buses while traveling long distance and traveling short distance by foot helps to reduce pollution. It also helps to reduces traffic jams and makes one healthy. So youths should develop habit of using public vehicles rather than using fancy motor bikes and cars.

Hostel Balcony with Flower in IAAS, Rampur.
Photo: Hostel Balcony with Flower in IAAS, Rampur. (Photo Courtsey: Dinesh Panday)

Plant trees and flowers. Trees are main purifiers of our environment. They help to reduce toxic gases and provide fresh air to all living beings. They provide oxygen for breathing; gives us shade during hot season; acts as natural fan. Planting trees around helps to create green surrounding. Trees beautify our surrounding and also are good source of fodder for livestock. If plants having medicinal values are planted, it might become good source of income too. So plant trees in your territories. If one doesn’t have leisure time to plants trees s/he can choose special days such as Earth Day, World Environment Day, birthday, new year, marriage anniversary day etc. to plant trees. Planting trees in special days makes these days and plants special too.

These are some activities that youths can do to make their surrounding cleaner and greener. Besides, there are many more activities to do to protect environment. Though these activities look simple and minor, they make huge difference. They might help to change behavior of people living around you and help to develop habit of respecting environment.

Finally, Youth should accept the existence of each and every creature in the world and respect the right of every creature to live in this world. They should be responsible for what they do. Being in the most vital position between young and old youth should work keeping sustainable issues at the center and should follow the concept of green economy to reduce the environmental risk and ecological scarcities.

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