Programme Officer – Renewable Energy Potentials

IRENA is an inter-governmental organization, mandated by Governments worldwide to promote the widespread and increased adoption and sustainable use of all forms of renewable energy. In order to do so, IRENA will facilitate access to all relevant renewable energy. It facilitates and analyses the sharing of best practices and lessons learned regarding policy frameworks, capacity-building activities available financial mechanisms and relevant technologies on renewable energy.

The Knowledge, Policy and Finance Centre (KPFC) is IRENA’s central knowledge repository and a centre of excellence for renewables policy and finance issues. KPFC will collect and analyse data and assess policies, with a focus on finance and socio-economic and environmental aspects, to enable IRENA to be the centre of excellence and advisory resource for its Members, and to disseminate information to the public. It is a central repository of IRENA’s internal knowledge to support the work of all divisions and provide critical knowledge products to IRENA’s Members. KPFC is also a platform for engagement for the private sector and civil society.

Under its Knowledge activity, IRENA is developing the Global Renewable Energy Atlas initiative. As of 2013, the initiative involves 39 countries, and more than 20 data providers. It is as contributing to a number of international initiatives, such as the Clean Energy Ministerial, GEO or GFCS. The initiative involves the development of a geographic information system (GIS) platform, which showcases concrete and homogeneous data on solar and wind potentials from a large number of providers. The initiative shall progressively be expanded to mobilise the geothermal, hydropower, bioenergy and marine energy communities, and will by 2015 provide access to a comprehensive database of resource-based information. The platform will as well include online expert modules for the evaluation of the energy potentials. The initiative will expand as well in the domain of capacity building, in partnership with the capacity building group of IRENA, and will address the issue of financing of measurement campaigns.

Under the overall guidance of the Director, Knowledge Policy and Finance Centre, and the immediate supervision of the Programme Officer, Ressource Assessment, the Programme Officer, Renewable Energy Potentials, will be responsible for the following duties:

  • Support the Resource Assessment team and assist in organising working sessions with the government, government agencies, technical institute, country donors and lenders, in order to best scope the demand and develop an action plan for assessing the renewable resources for the eligible countries.
  • In partnership with the Global Atlas consortium, investigate bilateral and multilateral possibilities for implementing the programme either financially, and/or technically.
  • Act as the focal point in resource assessment activities within the Country Support and Partnerships Division. In particular renewable energy in islands, East African Corridor initiatives, the Capacity Building programme, and the countries eligible for IRENA’s Renewable Energy Readiness programme.
  • Organize and prepare written outputs, such as drafting background papers, analysis, sections of reports and studies, inputs to publications.
  • Provide substantive backstopping to consultative and other meetings, conferences, etc., to include proposing agenda topics, identifying participants, preparation of documents and presentations.
  • Provide support in in outreach activities; conducts training workshops, seminars. Makes presentations on assigned topics/activities.
  • Research, analyze and present information gathered from diverse sources.
  • Perform other duties as required.

For application and more info visit this website.


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