Youth Entrepreneurship: Gateway to Self-sustain

Youth is the most productive and potential phase of life to bring change. Every youth want to become successful, well known for their name, earn money and live happy life. They remain as important power of nation and plays major role in nation building. They have stronger willingness towards success in life. Youth have courage, innovativeness, inquisitiveness and high confidence. They aimed to become richest of the world like Carlos Slim Helu, Bill Gates and Binod Chaudhary, the first Nepalese billionaire. so youth is like a fire; creep forward, a spark at first growing into a flame brightening into a blaze.

Whether the life of youth is productive and potential but unemployment of this productive generation leads them to be involved in drug addiction, gang fight and many other criminal activities. Some of them migrate to different countries for job opportunities blaming that corruption, political instability, insecurity for investment, low rate of wages etc has created unfavorable condition for entrepreneurship in Nepal.

But there are lots of examples who have changed their lifestyle by developing entrepreneurship and self-employment. Some of them are:

Photo: Ostrich farming in Rupendehi district of Nepal. Photo by Blogger.
Photo: Ostrich farming in Rupendehi district of Nepal. Photo by Blogger.

Youth of  Rupendehi district, C. P. Sharma has started Ostrich Farming with more than 1000 birds in area of about 13.15 hectares investing about NRs 300 million ($3,750,000) and planned to export ostrich meat and other products to international markets after fulfilling national demand. Local youth are also getting employment due to Ostrich Farming. Beside that it has created possibility of agro-tourism too. According to Sharma, grass has become one of the cash crops due to ostrich farming and neighbors have started commercial grass farming fetching good money.

Tek Bahadur Bista from Illam has earned more than $3750 producing five quintals of kiwi in 2011 and expected to earn more than $15,000 in 2012. Shyam Khadka from country side of Dolakha, Nepal expected to earn $8750 from 2000 plants of kiwi fruit. Similarly Dr. Surya Prasad Pandey, Scientist of National Agriculture Research Council, Nepal resigned from his job and started Kiwi farming in Karvre Bhanjyang of Nepal in one hectare of land with 400 plants which gave 4 tons of fruit in 2012. He also manufactures jam, wine from it.

Ram Kumar Baniya, youth of 24 years old, has started tomato farming in Kathmandu in his own land. According to him, he inspired to be an entrepreneur when he saw one ladies student of Pune University cleaning all the bushes to produce Lettuce near his apartment during his college days. He sold tomato of about NRs1,500,000 equivalent to USD $18,570 from his farm in first year of production serving 3,000 households. He suggests youth to start something innovative and make continuous effort in it. One day success will knock your door.

Binod Chaudhary, Nepal’s first billionaire, joined family trade at 18 skipping college and continuously run his industry during the peak period of civil war in Nepal. Now his continuous effort led him to be listed as 1342 Forbes billionaire .

Nepalese woman Entrepreneur:

Based on the examples afore mentioned I came in conclusion that to be a successful entrepreneur one need not start new business but should start different way, be patient and contribute rigorously. In cases mentioned above, self-entrepreneurship contributed for changing lifestyle and provided job opportunities to youth like them. Youth entrepreneurship not only make one self-sustain but also provide employment opportunities, help to reduce unemployment problem of country and boosts up development of country in many ways. There are possibilities and opportunities while working with strong will power and confidence to meet success.

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