Resources Portal :Eat.Think.Save: Reduce your foodprint

The Think.Eat.Save website serves as a portal to showcase ideas to provide a one stop shop for news and resources, that can be used to curb the issues of food waste. Some of the Apps available which can be useful to you are as follow:

The Green Egg Shopper
This App is for iPhones and it allows users to manage and organize grocery shopping lists. Users can sort lists alphabetically, by category, or priority. They can also view list of items near expiration, and can sort them with three categories of shelf life (short, medium, long). The app also allows users to link a store to the list, and take and attach photos to the items on their lists. Users are able to check items off of their list once it is purchased. The paid version allows users to create multiple shopping lists.

This an app available for iPhone and Android-based smart phone users which helps minimize restaurant waste by offering diners a great deal. When there is an open table at a restaurant, you can be sure that food will be wasted. This app allows potential diners to get a great deal when there’s an open table. The deals are generally 30 to 50 percent off. The app is free to use, and the deals must be redeemed within 45 minutes. 

This App is available for iPhones, Android smart phones and iPads and it allows people to exchange recipes, and users can search for recipes by ingredients. For example, if I have coconut milk in my fridge, I can search for recipes containing coconut milk. Containing about 10,000 recipes from over 300 contributors on the internet, users are sure to find recipes based on ingredients they already have in their fridges or pantries.

Cnet recommends Gojee for people “who have a desire to cook but may not necessarily have a specific dish in mind.”

222 Million Tons
This is an iPad app that gets its name from the 222 million tons of food wasted every year in industrialized nations, according to a 2011 UN study. The app creates one-week menus and shopping lists according to the size of a person’s household. The website for the app asks, “No one wants to waste food, but how does one person get through a bunch of celery before it goes limp without getting sick of celery?” That’s question that inspired the developers to create the app.

Eat you beets!
In this video, a classic mother-son conflict plays out, though the tables get turned.

Food-service giant Sodexo
SDXAY gets workers to help cut waste using a scale connected to a touchscreen terminal developed by LeanPath. Before the food is discarded, a worker places it on the scale and enters the type of food and why it’s being tossed. The terminal then records the date, time, and weight, and sets a value for the item. The data are used to adjust ordering. In tests on seven college campuses, the company cut food waste nearly 50 percent, by dollar and weight, says Christy Cook, senior manager of sustainability. “It creates waste experts [in every kitchen]. It’s a grass-roots program.” So far, Sodexo uses the system in 50 college cafeterias with plans to add more.


Scopri il costo ambientale della tua spesa – WWF Italy
How to calculate environemntal impact of shopping.


Each year, German households discard about 22 billion Euros ($27.3 billion) worth of edible food. FOODSHARING is an Internet platform that gives individuals, stores and producers a cost-free way to give away or pick up surplus food. .The FOODSHARING databank is national in scope but local in practice.  That is, all people residing in Germany are able to use the data bank regardless of where they live. But they  exchange information about food surpluses and swapping opportunities only in their own city, town or neighborhood.

It has been launched in Germany since Dec. 12, 2012,  and now has got 6000 active subscribers and generated a very big media interest.

Nice short clip explaining the project but only in German language so far:
FOODSHARING – damit ihr Lebensmittel teilen könnt, anstatt sie wegzuwerfen.  



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