Stories of Successful Nepalese Entrepreneurs in Agriculture

BBC Sajha Sawal

Most of the Nepalese youth are migrating abroad in search of employment opportunities and bright future. Most of them blames that instability and insecurity is everywhere in Nepal and have no guarantee of bright future in Nepal. These opinions sound true if we analyses current situation of Nepal in surface. But despite these constraints and insecurity many hidden entrepreneurs based on agriculture are doing well in our country, Nepal. They have proved that there are always hidden opportunities in every unfavorable condition, if we have strong will power to do something with proper aim and determination.

These two videos below from Youtube BBC Sajha Sabal provide some examples of  successful entrepreneurs in agricultural sectors. See these videos to know about some successful Nepalese in agricultural sectors and who have established themselves as an example giving inspiration and strength to seek hidden opportunities around. Who knows you might be next successful Nepalese to rank in same position.

Sajha sawal Episode 279: Agricultural Enterpreneurs

Sajha sawal Episode 280: Agricultural Entrepreneurs

See other Episode of Sajha Sawal in Youtube. See Website of Sajha Sawal.

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