Outreach magazine at IRENA 2013 Assembly and World Future Energy Summit, Abu Dhabi
Stakeholder Forum will be publishing three editions of Outreach magazine to coincide with the third session of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) Assembly from 13-14 January and the World Future Energy Summit (WFES) from 15-17 January and invites all stakeholders to contribute material to be included in the magazine.
The content of the editions will be based on renewable energy and associated themes. In particular, we are looking to receive articles on the following topics:
  •          Sustainable Energy for All
  •          The costs of renewable energy
  •          The potential for renewable energy in developing countries and small island developing states
  •          Renewable energy policy in economically challenging times
  •          Water-energy nexus
  •          Renewable energy policy frameworks and investment opportunities in GCC/MENA
  •          Scaling up of renewable energy through coordinated public and private sector actions
  •          Energy efficiency
  •          Rural renewable energy
  •          Integration of renewables
  •          Cities and renewable energy
  •          Renewables technology and innovation
Articles should be 550-700 words in length and can be previously published material as long as the content is up-to-date and still has relevance. Please note that we are not a research journal and articles should present opinions, ideas and recommendations using non-expert language. Full guidelines for submissions are available here.
Please contact the Editor, Amy Cutter, at if you are interested in contributing an article or if you have any questions.
The deadline for submissions is 12:00 noon (GMT) on Saturday 12th January, however submission before this date is encouraged and will significantly increase the chance of an article being used.
Outreach is a multi-stakeholder publication on climate change and sustainable development, which has been produced at various international meetings on the environment since 1997.  Our aim is to empower stakeholders and provide space for debate and discourse on topics being negotiated at intergovernmental meetings.  Published as a daily edition, Outreach provides a vehicle for the voices of regional and local governments, women, indigenous peoples, trade unions, industry, youth and NGOs.  At the 2013 IRENA Assembly and the WFES Outreach will be published electronically on the Outreach website and be sent in an html email to a range of list servers.
At the Assembly and the WFES, we aim to build on Outreach’s previous accomplishments, expanding both our sphere of influence and depth of coverage. Examples of our previous success can be seen in our 2012 coverage of Rio+20 and COP 18, where Outreach was once again proved to be a vital communications tool.  Throughout the UNFCCC and Rio+20 negotiations, Outreach has received extremely positive reviews and interest in the magazine has soared.  We now hope to build on this and engage an even wider range of stakeholders for article contributions, and to read the publication.
(This post is based on mail received from Outreach magazine. Mail sent in from via .)

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