Kid writes cute letter returning sticks to Yosemite

Junior Ranger Yosemite Letter


Well, this is just adorable. Evie, a Yosemite Junior Ranger, accidentally took two sticks from the national park during a recent visit. As with all national parks, you’re not supposed to remove or alter anything from the land, so after returning home, she wrote a cute letter to the park rangers apologizing for breaking the rule. And to right her wrong, she included the sticks with her letter with this simple request, “please put them in nature.”

First, I wish I was a Junior Ranger and as cool as Evie seems to be at her age! And secondly, kudos to her parents for not only taking her to Yosemite – which I think everyone should see at some point in their life – but also for being good role models and teaching young Evie about nature and the importance of ecological preservation. And a big thanks to Yosemite park ranger and Reddit user BestMattEver for sharing the photo with us!


5 thoughts on “Kid writes cute letter returning sticks to Yosemite

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