An iPod for dealing with climate change

ICTs have an extraordinary power in spreading knowledge. This is something that can help small-scale farmers in many countries to cope with the harsh conditions they have to work in.
An iPod for dealing with climate changeAn ALIN approach to learning

However, not everyone has the chance to browse the Internet with the purpose of finding the information he or she needs. Conscious of this problem, ALIN, our partner organisation in East Africa, has been working to turn iPods into a useful tool with which to work with farmers.

As Angelica Ospina from the University of Manchester mentions in her blog, “Through podcasts that tailor the most pressing needs of rural farmers affected by climatic variations, ICTs are playing a key role in the distribution of information and best practices […]. The information disseminated is rooted in field experience from local practitioners and traditional knowledge that emerges from the community”.

“ICTs are playing a key role in the distribution of information and best practices”

John Njue, the field officer at the Maarifa Centre at Kyuso, a dry part of eastern Kenya, “In November 2010, for example, many farmers sought information on indigenous poultry keeping after weather anomalies related to La Niña were predicted. Many young people wanted to raise poultry as an alternative farming enterprise”. A year earlier, many of the farmers were looking for information on non-chemical pest management. Many women also come to the Maarifa centre: recognising the time constraints they face, many like to borrow i-Pods, with which they watch best practices carried out in other areas.

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Source: An iPod for dealing with climate change