Special Topic Call for Papers: Sustainable Livelihoods in Food Systems

Special Topic Call for Papers:
Sustainable Livelihoods in Food Systems by Journal of Agriculture Food Systems, and Community Development

DEADLINE: February 15, 2012

While industrialization and globalization of the food system continue to lead to declining numbers of mid-sized farms and more low-wage employment, emerging regional food systems appear to be creating some new occupational opportunities, including the emergence of green-collar sustainable occupations such as farmer trainers, farm managers, agriculture teaching positions certifiers, and consultants. At the core of regional food system growth, family farms are engaging in producing new crops and cultivating techniques that are entrepreneurial and high risk. Indeed, economics continue to challenge the viability of even the most progressive operation. From a public policy perspective, the growth of sustainable livelihoods in the food system will require fair prices and competitive markets for farmers, fair wages for workers, safe working conditions, and a well-trained workforce.

JAFSCD welcomes submissions on a wide range of food system livelihood topics that will inform thinking and practice related to regional food system trends, issues, and public policy. We seek reports of qualitative and quantitative studies, review articles, reflective essays, and commentaries. We encourage submission which focus on Sustainable Livelihoods Approaches (SLA), drawing on diverse disciplinary perspectives and bridging divides, particularly between the natural and social sciences.

Topics of interest might include:

  • Application of SLA in smallholder farming and local food systems in the Global North and South
  • Local food livelihood development as a strategy for improved food security
  •  SLA for exploring livelihood options and strategies of different actors within food systems
  • Emerging or declining farm- and food-related occupations
  • New skills required in emerging food systems (e.g., line workers in farm-to-school programs)
  • Occupational data trends and issues in emerging food systems
  • Small-scale food processing livelihoods
  • Farmer self-exploitation
  • Farm worker trends and issues (e.g., regarding migrant labor, guest workers, apprentices, etc.)
  • Barriers and effective paths for farm workers to become farm owners
  • Trends and issues for independent grocers and other food retailers
  • Studies of innovations in microenterprise, entrepreneurship, and occupational education programming
  • Food, health, and new products and enterprises
  • Changes to subsistence practices due to globalization
  • Analysis of foundation, public, and private-sector investment in food systems businesses
  • Analysis of policies promoting and/or discouraging emerging systems and their implications and effects on local occupations, economics, and health
  • Emerging livelihoods in sustainable livestock production.

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Journal of Agriculture Food Systems, and Community Development:

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