Seed Production of Rice in Upland Under Rainfed Condition


      This study mainly deals with rice seed production. There were four treatments (farmyard manure, farmyard manure+inorganic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer and control) in three varieties (Apo, IR and CT) of rice. Experimental design used was Completely Randomized Block Design (RCBD). Under my supervision, seed production of Apo variety was done with control treatment (without using any fertilizers and manures) in area of 10 m2 (4m*2.5m). Site was selected in upland of Agronomy farm under rainfed condition. Seeds sowing were done by direct seeding at spacing of 25* 5 cm2. 120 gm of seed was used to sow 12 lines. To minimize weed infestation three weeding and hoeing at interval of 30 day was done. Pesticides and Insecticides are not used to produce organic rice. The study mainly focused on yield attributes such as panicle length, panicle weight, number of grain per panicle, weight of seed per panicle, filled grain weight per panicle, test weight of seed, total yield estimate per hectare. Average panicle length was found to be 22.63cm in which average number was 148 seed with each panicle. About 88 seed were filled and average weight of panicle was 2.67 gm. Test weight was found to be 20.24gm.The estimated yield of research was found to be 1.5 metric ton per hectare (mt/ha). But total yield was found to be lesser i.e. 555.55kg/ha from the plot after harvesting of total grain from field. It’s due to destruction of rice grains by rice ear head bug, birds and post harvest losses. Key Words: rice, variety, control, panicle length, panicle weight, yield, production.

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