Choosing a Journal: A Synthesis of Webinar by American Journal Experts

This blog post is a synthesis of a recorded version of a webinar by “American Journal Experts” launched on June 28, 2018. I have included tips that might be useful to everyone looking to publish their major research projects or side projects.

  • Make a list of target journals that have published articles similar to the one you are looking to publish. This will help you in future to save time searching target journals. Prioritize them based on your need and quality of papers. Continue reading

How much you can earn in the USA?

All of a sudden, today I thought of doing a little research about how much I can earn after my PhD or Master and what will be my career sector. While doing a research, I found the official website of The Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics. To be consistent, I decided to stick with this website and compare salary and earning of some highly paid and highly respected jobs in the USA.

I am going for PhD in Natural Resource and research focus on Forest Economics. So, It is obvious that I am looking at jobs and salary range for at least ‘Master of Science’ degree or PhD degree. Sometimes just a bachelor degree is enough for the job depending on which job you want to go. So, information for only bachelor degree may be available. However, you can make a rough prediction for the higher education level looking that the payment amount of bachelor salary. Continue reading

Import Facebook Data Into STATA

/* Import Facebook Data into STATA */

First, install module “facebook2stata” module in your STATA software with the command below:

/* Install module to import data from Facebook to STATA. */
net install, replace

These are commands that you can use to import data from Facebook Events, Groups, Pages, Places and Users. Obtaining data from user requires permission of the user. Saying this, if you see some apps in Facebook asking “Do you give permission to access your personal data?” and request to access name, friends information, location, posting on your profile etc. That is what I meant to say.

  • Import event data using a search string:
    facebook2stata searchevents “search_string”
  • Import Group Data Using a ssearch string:
    facebook2stata searchgroups “search_string” Continue reading

How to read and understand a scientific paper: a guide for non-scientists

From vaccinations to climate change, getting science wrong has very real consequences. But journal articles, a primary way science is communicated in academia, are a different format to newspaper articles or blogs and require a level of skill and undoubtedly a greater amount of patience. Here Jennifer Raff has prepared a helpful guide for non-scientists on how to read a scientific paper. These steps and tips will be useful to anyone interested in the presentation of scientific findings and raise important points for scientists to consider with their own writing practice. Continue reading